Venture Mentoring Service NTX

Advancing North Texas innovation through world-class mentoring


What is VMS NTX?


VMS NTX is based on the methodology of the MIT Venture Mentoring Service (VMS), which has been
used at MIT since 2000 and successfully replicated at over 50 organizations worldwide.

The MIT VMS model is based on:

  • Team mentoring
  • Strict Guiding Principles / Code of Ethics
  • A community of highly qualified and
    committed volunteer mentors
  • Focus on developing the entrepreneur
  • Practical, actionable advice

VMS NTX is a member of Texas Venture Connect

For Entrepreneurs

  • Gain confidence to take the risks required to become an entrepreneur and grow your business.
  • Get guidance in a conflict-free and confidential environment from a team of experienced professionals.
  • Join the network and begin getting the guidance you need without any cost to you.

For Mentors

  • Make an impact by guiding aspiring entrepreneurs through challenges that may knock them off track.
  • Benefit from an online platform that removes operational hassles and streamlines the flexible team approach, maintaining continuity as mentoring teams evolve.
  • Mentor in a comfortable environment with clearly defined expectations for both mentors and mentees.